Wuxi Hengsheng purified air conditioning Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake - Huishan Development Zone, the transportation is very convenient.

The company is specialized in the purification engineering, purification and dehumidification, clean room, operation room and purification products, noise environmental protection equipment specializing in the production of the installation company. Products are widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics, industry and scientific research. Our company has strong technical strength, well-equipped, has from the design, manufacture, installation, debugging capabilities.

In has a rich experience in construction, construction personnel be trained with regularity at the same time, good detection means, has laid a solid foundation for ensuring purification engineering quality, testing, testing equipment in the peer - leading level.

After years of pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical industry, construction and installation of air conditioning and cleaning engineering experience, our company for all kinds of purification production workshop process and various industry more familiar with, in accordance with relevant national standards for the user to provide a reasonable plan, free design, design and technical indicators meet the national standard clean room standards. All undertake by our company the project, the user can pass the acceptance by the competent department. My company at reasonable prices, strict quality, excellent service, fast speed, won a good reputation.

General manager Xu Wei sincere thanks and sincere cooperation of friends at home and abroad and support, welcome customers to visit to discuss the letter of advice.





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